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IN-PERSON Emotion Code/Body Code SESSIONS COMING SOON (2023)
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I'm Tara, a Certified Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner, Energy Psychologist, Author, Manifestation/Life Coach, Advanced Dowser, Aromatherapist, and natural empath based in Los Angeles. I have spent many years helping people all over the world reclaim their mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health by removing unprocessed emotions, traumas, inherited energies, and other imbalances that have been blocking them from reaching their true potential.

With a diverse range of clients including actors, musicians, artists, healers, therapists, and families, I have gained extensive experience conducting over 1,000+ hours of client sessions. My approach involves a combination of energy healing techniques, with Emotion Code and Body Code being my primary modality, and traditional therapeutic methods which result in effective and long-lasting changes for my clients.

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Kristine, CA

Tara is kind, knowledgeable, and her work blew me away. I came to the session with a neck ache & hip pain that was an 8 on the pain scale. I left the session with no hip pain, and my neck was down to a 1, and the next day was gone. The accuracy and efficiency of the practice was astounding! I have done many different healing modalities, yet this one gets right to the point. I'm excited to share with everyone I know, Tara's work! I HIGHLY recommend checking it out

Bianca, CA

Tara embodies a soul and energy of a healer. As soon as I walked into her space I immediately felt calm and at peace. I was so blown away by her work and KINDNESS!! I left each session with her feeling so grounded and my heart at peace. After I had completed my session with her a chain positive events happened to me due to the releasing of the trapped energies. The most important thing that has happened is healing from trauma not only physically but also psychologically. Also my panic and anxiety slowly disappeared. Her work is truly priceless!! Thanks tara for your Kindness, Generosity and heart. Your work is a gift.

Sandy, CA

I am so happy that I found Tara. She has helped me immensely. I came to her with the intention of clearing my energy of anxiety over several areas of my life. When I first came to her, I was feeling extreme heaviness in my chest. It would not go away, but I started to feel relief after the first session and after the third session, it was completely gone and has not returned. I finally feel at peace. It worked so well that we are now working on several other areas. I am bringing my 17 year old son to see her for anxiety as well. I am so grateful I found her. She has has such a wonderful impact on my life.
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