Ever experience extreme mood swings yet can’t figure out why? Or maybe you feel stuck in life and can’t seem to achieve the success you want...

​​Perhaps you’ve tried many popular methods to address your concerns such as talk therapy, affirmations, visualization, EFT, or various other healing modalities, yet fell short of reaching your desired results.

What if you could address the root cause and move beyond just treating or managing the symptoms?  

When we think about optimum health, we usually think of diet and exercise.
But true optimum health and healing comes from a much deeper level.

The science behind the mind-body-spirit connection reveals that there is one true source of all emotional and physical illnesses: cellular stress caused by trapped emotions.  This type of cellular stress generates low-vibrational frequencies and imbalances within the body, chakras, and auric field, causing you to feel emotionally unbalanced, reactive, stressed and overwhelmed for no apparent reason.

I’m Tara Delgado-Vicedo, an Energy Healer and Emotion Code Practitioner. I help people quickly and easily free themselves from anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, chronic fatigue, physical pain, and even lack of success through the power of energy healing, magnetic therapy, and essential oils. By addressing the root cause and releasing these low-vibrational frequencies at the cellular level, the body is able to come back to a harmonious synchronization and reestablish a coherent mind-body-spirit connection.    


The Emotion Code is a powerful modality that uses Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing or dowsing) and Magnet Therapy to release trapped emotions that get lodged in the tissues and cells of the body.  Over time, these trapped emotions can cause imbalances within the body and can result in chronic disease states.  
Developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, The Emotion Code is now being recognized as the most cutting-edge modality in Alternative Healing.  He spent over 20 years as a chiropractor helping his clients with complex problems like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, lupus, and even cancer.   He believes that the symptoms and conditions his clients were experiencing were a result of some imbalance within the body, with trapped emotions being at the root. 
Our bodies and everything around us is made up of energy.  Every type of energy has a different frequency or vibration and can be measure.  For instance, brain waves can be measured using an EEG and the heart can be measured using an EKG.  Emotions are energy, too.  They are experienced in the form of electrochemical energy.   For example, when we experience trauma or an intense negative emotion such as sadness, anger, frustration, resentment, grief, or heartache, our organs actually generate the emotion and elicit a physiological response with the body.  Our body will either release dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin for positive emotions and adrenaline and cortisol for stressful or traumatic emotions.  Our emotions literally have the ability to impact every single cell in our body just by what we think and feel. This creates a cellular memory.  And when your body and cells experience too much adrenaline and cortisol, you begin to feel emotionally and physically imbalanced as time goes on. If left untreated, this can ultimately compromise cellular communication, create stagnant energy, and keep your body in a vicious constant fight or flight state.  
The nature of staying in this chronic state often results in a buildup of energy that gets suppressed in the body. This is what's referred to as a trapped emotion

Trapped emotions will always make their presence known in some way.  Physical and emotional pain are usually the first signs and indications you have cellular stress.  

Trapped emotions are literally balls of energy that get stuck anywhere in the body.  It's as if your body is living in the past.  And when you encounter an emotion that matches an existing trapped emotion, you become easily triggered.  It might feel as if you have a button that can easily be "pushed." You might feel anxious, overwhelmed, frustrated or depressed for seemingly no apparent reason.  Yet, what you're experiencing is on the subconscious level and is due to trapped emotions that occurred throughout your life.

Since emotions themselves are a form of energy, the most efficient way to release trapped emotions is with another form of energy such as a magnet. 

Magnets are one of the most ancient healing modalities on earth and have been used to cure many conditions and ailments.  Columbia University researchers found magnetic therapy effective in treating and curing depression.  In their study, more than 70% of patients who received this type of treatment overcame symptoms of depression.

By releasing trapped emotions using magnetic energy, the body is then able to reestablish its normal state of functioning and begin the healing process.  Once a trapped emotion is released, you will begin to feel less reactive and more at peace in any given situation.
  • Relationship Problems
  • Mental Health Challenges
  • Career Problems
  • Peak Performance Issues


"Tara is kind, knowledgeable, and her work blew me away. I came to the session with a neck ache & hip pain that was an 8 on the pain scale. I left the session with no hip pain, and my neck was down to a 1, and the next day was gone. The accuracy and efficiency of the practice was astounding! I have done many different healing modalities, yet this one gets right to the point. I'm excited to share Tara's work with everyone I know! I HIGHLY recommend checking it out."  
- Kristina, Pasadena, California
"Okay this review is long overdue but I wanted to give it time and see if the emotion clearing actually worked and oh my god it did. I have had anxiety since I can remember. I never knew how to deal with it and as I got older it got worse. Well in June Tara did an emotion clearing on me over the phone and there were three places in my body that had pain and by the end of the call almost all the pain was gone. A lot of the emotions she cleared were anxiety and since that day I have barely any anxiety anymore which is honestly such a huge relief. She also cleared sadness from me which was from my brother being away in the army and now I can talk to him and about him without breaking down and crying every time! Everyone has trapped emotions so if you’re willing, let Tara help you because it really is life changing! Thank you Tara!"  
- Emily, San Jose, California


If you're curious about how energy healing can improve your life, schedule a 45-minute introductory session and discover which trapped emotions might be holding you back!   Not living in Los Angeles? No Problem! I also offer sessions remotely via phone or Zoom.