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This call is designed to answer any questions you have about the emotion code, body code, or heart wall session.

Price: $0

Length: 15 Minutes


This session is for first-time clients only. If you're curious to see what trapped emotions are causing emotional or physical imbalances, then schedule your first 45-minute introductory session to experience the healing benefits of releasing trapped emotions. 

Price: $75

Length: 45 minutes


These sessions are for new and existing clients. This session includes emotion code, body code, and heart-wall clearing for both pets and humans. If you're a new client but would like to dive a little deeper into the healing process, then this session is for you. In these sessions, we address up to 3 concerns. 

Price: $150

Length: 45 Minutes



The most popular package!

This package is for new and existing clients who would like to save 20% by paying for 6 sessions in-full.  These session include a combination of emotion code, body code, and heart-wall clearing.

Price: $720

Length: 45 minutes per session

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