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Hello, I'm Tara, and I'm passionate about guiding individuals on a transformative journey towards emotional freedom and resilience. As an Emotion Code practitioner, I specialize in helping people release their emotional blocks, elevate their emotional intelligence, and cultivate inner strength to navigate life's challenges with ease.

In my practice, I emphasize three crucial phases of healing: releasing, reprogramming, and reoptimizing. 

My mission is to empower you to cultivate a life filled with emotional harmony, resilience, and inner peace. Together, we can unlock your full potential and embark on a journey towards lasting transformation.


During the releasing phase, we work together to identify and release trapped emotions and dismantle heart walls that may be hindering your emotional well-being. These trapped emotions often manifest as stress, anxiety, or even physical discomfort, and by letting them go, we pave the way for greater emotional clarity and balance.


In the reprogramming phase, we delve into shifting negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs that may be holding you back. By reframing these patterns and cultivating a more positive mindset, you can experience profound shifts in how you perceive and respond to life's circumstances.


  In the re-optimizing phase, we harness the power of Quantum Biofeedback technology. 


Through the Inner Voice, Vital, and Comprehensive Body Scans, your energetic landscape is fine-tuned, helping you achieve greater overall emotional and physical health and well-being.

Since we are constantly being bombarded with external energies that influence our state of being (e.g. EMF, wifi, dirty electricity, other people's energy, emotions, stress, etc.), it's essential that we  re-optimizing our bioenergetic frequencies.


When your bioenergetic field is balanced, you can navigate life in a healthier way.  This cutting-edge approach allows you to tap into your body's innate wisdom, facilitating deeper transformation on a quantum level.  

Inner Voice (Sound Therapy) Program

The Inner-Voice program is part of this biofeedback technology that helps harmonize everyday life by improving concentration, creativity, and emotional resilience.  This powerful technology records your voice for ten seconds to isolate and analyze specific disruptions in your voice's tone, pitch, and pattern to determine specific imbalances in your emotional state. 


Once your voice has been analyzed, the four octaves that are most out of balance are identified and healing tones are generated specifically for you to listen to daily. These music files incorporate radionics, binaural beats, and other frequencies to support the balance of your emotional and mental wellbeing. 

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Vital Scan

Each cell and organ within your body operates at its own unique vibrational frequency to uphold optimal health. Imbalances typically stem from energetic disharmony before becoming apparent physically and emotionally. The Vital Scan has the capability to identify systems that may be functioning below their optimal levels - similar to getting extensive blood work, yet non-invasively.*

To help bring balance to these systems, the Vital Scan   optimizes any imbalances by sending a corresponding frequency back to you to specifically  support the areas that were identified as needing help and re-optimization.  

*This scan analyzes CBC panel, toxicities, mold, heavy metals, nutrients, and minerals, food sensitivities, chakras, meridians, and more.



All sessions are designed to address the three phases of transformation: releasing, reprogramming, and re-optimizing.

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