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Release Your Blocks...
So you can tune in to the frequencies of health, wealth, success, and happiness!

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At the root of our existence, we are energy. Everything, whether seen or unseen, carries a frequency, vibration, and resonance.  Our thoughts, emotions, and the words that we speak are made of energy, too. 


When we experience trauma or emotions that are too heavy to process, the unconscious mind will often suppress these emotions so that they do not threaten our sense of safety.

However, if these traumas or emotional wounds are never dealt with, their energetic imprint can remain trapped within the body, causing long-term stress, tension, or other imbalances. When this happens, it is as though we left a bit of ourselves behind, frozen in time. You may think you are reacting to your current circumstances, but what you are really responding to are triggers from your past. 

With the help of a practitioner, your subconscious mind can reveal what has been stored (suppressed) within your body and release its energetic hold on you.

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White Sand and Stone

Our heart is the most sacred organ in our body! 


It is the bridge between the conscious mind, the subconscious mind, and higher spiritual planes of existence. 

According to the HeartMath Institute, our emotions are reflected in our heart’s rhythmic patterns. 


Science shows that when we are stressed or experience more negative emotions, our heart’s rhythmic patterns look chaotic and out of sync, which can be reflected in our lives as some sort of imbalance.


Alternatively, when we experience more emotions of gratitude, love, or appreciation, our heart’s rhythmic patterns are smooth and coherent, which is reflected in a more balanced life.


Our lives are therefore a reflection of the emotions found within our hearts. 

If your heart is holding on to troubling emotions from your past, the energetic imprint can block the integration of your heart, mind, body, and spirit.

It is estimated that most people have unprocessed emotions stored within their hearts.  This is what is referred to as a Heart Wall.

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  • Heart Walls cause the heart's rhythmic patterns to become out 0f sync and incoherent.

  • Heart Walls block the integration of the heart, mind, body, and spirit.

  • Heart Walls block the ability to access more positive emotions.

  • Heart Walls contribute to a lack of inner peace, clarity, and purpose. 

  • Heart Walls prevent people from connecting deeply with others because they’ve lost that connection with themselves.

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But as you shed these layers around your heart through Heart Wall Clearings, it's like tuning in to the right frequency of a radio station. 


With every layer you shed, the more you’re able to tune in to the frequencies of your heart’s natural state.


Your heart’s electromagnetic field begins to expand, allowing you to integrate your heart, mind, body, and spirit.


As your heart begins to reintegrate, you begin to feel more connected, more at peace, and more aligned with your Higher Self.



Manifest Abundance

Your heart's electromagnetic field expands, allowing you to gain more clarity, passion, and purpose in your life.


Heal Trauma

You begin to heal not only traumas from your past, but ancestral traumas that have been blocking you from mental, emotional, and spiritual growth.


Experience More Joy

You're able to connect more with others, and tap into your heart's natural ability to experience joy, love, peace, and happiness.


The Body Code is an extension of the Emotion Code which goes even deeper to uncover other energies that might be causing imbalances.



Trapped emotions, heart walls, traumatic cellular memories (PTSD), curses, cords, limiting beliefs, inherited energies, and so much more.



Imbalances and misalignments within the energy body, meridians, chakras, organs, glands, and muscles and helps realign and restore them back to proper functioning.



Harmful pathogens such as mold, parasites, fungal, bacterial, viral infections, and toxins that can be affecting your health.

All sessions are done remotely via zoom, are approximately 45-minutes to 1 hour, and are designed to address the three phases of transformation: releasing, reprogramming, and re-optimizing.


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