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Understanding Entities: The Quantum Connection to Emotional and Physical Health


In the realm of quantum healing, the concept of entities and their influence on emotional and physical well-being is a fascinating and complex subject. According to quantum healing principles, entities are fragments of astral bodies that persist after an individual's physical death. While a person's soul typically reunites with the cosmic energy, the astral body may not always follow the same path.

The Astral Body and its Fate:

The astral body is distinct from the soul and serves as a repository of emotions and experiences from one's lifetime. In a natural and healthy transition, the astral body shatters upon death, and its essence merges with the universal light. However, when a person strongly identifies with negative emotions or unresolved issues, their astral body may resist this dissolution and instead transforms into fragments.

The Birth of Entities:

These astral fragments, now known as entities, are essentially remnants of emotional energy with a life of their own. Rather than returning to the light, they persist as autonomous entities seeking resonance with individuals who share a strong identification with similar emotions. This resonance is what allows entities to attach themselves to a person, influencing their emotional and physical states.

Impact on Emotional Health:

Entities can profoundly affect an individual's emotional well-being by amplifying and perpetuating specific emotions. If a person is strongly identified with, for example, fear or anger, an entity carrying the energetic imprint of these emotions may attach itself, exacerbating the emotional intensity and creating a loop of negative feelings.

Influence on Physical Health:

The connection between entities and physical health is rooted in the mind-body connection. As entities feed off and amplify negative emotions, the persistent emotional strain can manifest in physical ailments. Chronic pain, fatigue, and other health issues may arise as a result of the continuous influence of these entities on the individual's energy system.

Quantum Healing and Entity Release:

Understanding and addressing entities from a quantum healing perspective involves recognizing the interconnectedness of mind, body, and energy. Various holistic practices, such as energy healing, meditation,guided visualization, or smudging can assist in identifying and releasing these entities. By breaking the resonance between the individual and the entity, one can facilitate the healing process and restore emotional and physical balance.


In the exploration of entities and their profound impact on our well-being, the journey towards healing begins with awareness and proactive steps. If you resonate with the concept of entities and find yourself grappling with persistent emotional or physical challenges, consider taking the next step on your healing path. 

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