• Tara Delgado-Vicedo

The Healing Power of Magnets

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Magnets are one of the most ancient healing modalities on earth and have been used to cure many conditions and ailments.  Columbia University researchers found magnetic therapy effective in treating and curing depression.  In their study, more than 70% of patients who received this type of treatment overcame symptoms of depression. Did you know that the body generates an electromagnetic field?  Some scientists believe that you can be deficient in electromagnetic energy.  Using magnet therapy stimulates the magnetic energy within your cells, tissue, and auric field helping to reestablish a coherent connection with the rest of the body so that it works more optimally.   It's like rebooting a computer system.  By releasing trapped emotions using a magnet over the client's governing meridian, the body is then able to reestablish its normal state of functioning and begin the healing process.  Once a trapped emotion is identified and released, you will begin to feel lighter, less reactive, and happier in any given situation.

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