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What is the Emotion Code?

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Everything in the physical Universe is made of some form of invisible energy. Plants, animals, minerals, trees, and humans are made of energy, too. Our energy is expressed in the form of electromagnetic energy. If you could magnify your hand a thousand times, you would see there is nothing but pure empty space at the subatomic level. Our health largely depends on the quality and speed (vibration) of this energy, which flows throughout our bodies. When there is a disruption in this energy field, imbalances begin to emerge. With the help of a Practitioner, energy healing, therefore, targets the energy field that surrounds the human body, making very subtle changes to help it return to a healthy state of balance.

Thoughts, feelings, and emotions are energy, too. They are experienced in the form of electro-chemical energies. The Emotion Code is a powerful modality and type of Energy Medicine that identifies and releases unprocessed trapped emotions (energies) that get lodged in the tissues and cells of the body. Over time, these energies can distort the body's bio-electrical and magnetic field, causing stagnation and resulting in physical and emotional imbalances. Developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, The Emotion Code is now being recognized as the most cutting-edge modality in Alternative Healing. He spent over 20 years as a chiropractor helping his clients with complex problems like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, lupus, and even cancer. He believes that the symptoms and conditions his clients were experiencing were a result of some imbalance within the body, with trapped emotions being at the root.

WHAT ARE TRAPPED EMOTIONS? ​For every thought we experience, we undergo a bio-magnetic, electrical, and chemical change that mirrors the feelings and emotions that we attach to our thoughts. For instance, our body will either release dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin for positive emotions and adrenaline and cortisol for stressful or traumatic emotions.

When our emotions are too overwhelming for us to process, the energy of those emotions gets stuck or lodged in the tissues and cells of the body, causing an energetic distortion within our invisible energy field. The build up of these unprocessed trapped emotions can cause long-term tension, stress, and dis-ease within the body if left unchecked.

Having trapped emotional "baggage" can cause a person to feel ungrounded, easily triggered, anxious, or unhappy for seemingly no apparent reason. By working with an Emotion Code Practitioner to release these trapped emotions, you can begin to neutralize the emotions from your past and experience more joy, love, and happiness!

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