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Whether you are someone who would like to share the powerful benefits of essential oils with friends and family or you are someone who works in a corporate setting and would like to offer tools to help staff reduce stress and improve productivity, there is a workshop designed for you.  

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Hosting for Friends and Family

Most hosts have already attended a workshop and are so inspired that they cannot wait to share the information with friends and family.  They have seen the life-changing power of what is taught during the classes and know these will help their loved ones.  These people are part of the revolution of shifting away from sick-care to health-care and spreading this message across the globe.

As a host, you can choose between the introductory workshop, Essential Oils for Awakening Mind, Body, and Spirit,  or Awaken the Chakras.

I provide all the workshop materials and step-by-step guidance on how to host an effective workshop.  The only requirement for the host is:
  • Provide a warm welcoming environment for the workshop
  • Send out the invitations (provided) to your friends and family at least 2 weeks ahead of the workshop
  • Ideal guest numbers are a group of 4-7 guests as this provides an intimate experience to address everyone’s needs
  • A nice touch is to provide healthy nibbles for your guests, ideally infused with therapeutic grade essential oils (please only use dõTERRA oils such as the vials in your gift pack).  

Tips and polite requests
  • We ask that alcohol is not served until after the workshop has finished.  This allows us to serve the group better and for guests to make clear decisions about any purchases.
  • Please remind your guests to arrive 5 minutes early.  We always start on time out of respect for those who have arrived at the specified time.
  • From time to time, things happen and dates need to be moved around.  We understand this but ask that you give us 2 weeks notice to help us allow for others to fill the space.

How much does it cost?
Most workshops are at no cost.  For workshops where products are made and/or taken home such as Awaken the Chakras, there is a cost simply to cover the cost of the products.  

Hosting a Corporation Wellness Workshop

My Emotional Wellness Made Simple workshop is perfect for corporations who would like to offer tools to help their staff reduce stress, overwhelm, and increase productivity.  Whether you have an upcoming corporate wellness event or would like to offer a lunch and learn / brown bag, this workshop is designed to address your staffs' wellness needs. 

This workshop is offered at no cost as there will be an opportunity for staff to purchase products or services.   However, if your company does not legally allow the selling of products or services, I do request a speaking fee.  For more information, please contact me directly. 

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